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Do you want to feel a little safer in your own home? Do you have valuables at work you want to have protected? Interested in investigating the sport side of protection? Consider protection training your dog!

Protection PicRedefined Dog Training can provide all levels of protection training: from property to personal. When seeking a trainer for your protection dog, it is critical you do your research and make sure you’ve found the right one! It can be a very risky move to go with a protection trainer who doesn’t possess the right knowledge, resulting in a dog that is unstable or unreliable.

At Redefined Dog Training we have extensive working knowledge in three methods used in protection training: defensive drive, prey drive and play behavior.

  • Defensive drive utilizes the rules that come with that natural drive. This is tricky as it’s a defensive behavior.
  • Prey drive utilizes the same rules as the prey instinct or hunting behavior. Not following the rules properly can instill the wrong behaviors in the dog.
  • Play behavior allows you to make your own rules using the dog’s natural desire to play allowing you to make your own rules an set your own patterns.

With these various methods in our arsenal we primarily use play behavior also incorporating a certain percentage of defensive and prey drives, depending on the ultimate purpose of the dog, i.e. police dogs, personal protection, security or sport.

Priceless SignThis same knowledge used in training protection dogs is also parlayed into our Protection Sport training. In just a few short years since entering the French Ring Sport arena, Tim Welch has established himself as a formidable competitor and his personal dog, Avatar, is currently the top working Beauceron in French Ring in the world! Come train with the best and see the Redefined difference! Tim has also helped train top competitors in Mondio Ring and has titled many Schutzhund dogs.


When it comes to protection training, there are some very common questions. Join us in a Q&A with Redefined Dog Training Founder Tim Welch:

Q: I want to protection train my dog, but will it make my dog mean?
A: No! It’s like teaching them martial arts: a properly trained protection dog knows when and how to use their natural protection instincts; and the training provides the dog with a greater level of control. Beyond that, it’s the same sweet family pet you bought.

Q: …but I’m still concerned about teaching my dog to bite.
A:  All dogs have a natural instict to bite or chew. Protection training gives dogs an outlet for the compulsion or natural instinctive behavior.

Q: Will I be able to control when my dog is protective?
A: Yes. That is the nature of protection training. You teach them when, where and how to do what they instinctively want to do anyways. We are able to teach the dog to respond to certain cues, certain scenarios or either/or.

Q: How long does it take to protection train a dog?
A: That depends on the dog and the natural drives and instincts of a particular dog. While some might be fully trained within six months, for others it could take upwards of a year if done properly.

Q: What if I just want my dog to act mean?
A: Tapping into your dog’s natural play drive, we can “faux” train your dog to simply act mean! I’ve had clients who decided protection training just wasn’t right for them, but they love being able to give a single command that elicits what appears to be a very commanding, protective barking. It’ll look mean to someone who might be making you uncomfortable, but only you’ll know the truth!

Q: How much does protection training cost?
A: More information (age, gender, breed, temperament and personality, not to mention the extent and type of protection training you’re wanting) must be provided before I estimate what your training plan will look like. For more specific pricing I will need to evaluate your dog. While nearly any dog can be trained as a protection dog, some dogs will definitely have a higher drive and work ethic and pick it up much faster than others.

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