Basic and Advanced Obedience

It’s a simple request, really: all you want is for your dog to come when you call, stop grabbing food from the kids’ hands, to walk calmly by your side and, of course, pick up after himself. We’re still figuring out the last part, but the rest we can help you with! 

Following are overviews of beginning and advanced obedience:


Basic obedience is the foundation to any well-adjusted, happy dog; and a good foundation always makes for a stronger structure. Not only will your dog learn the basic commands: sit, stay, down, heel and come, but this knowledge will help it develop the confidence critical for positive interactions within the community! Basic manners are also taught such as jumping and chewing. Boundary training, which teaches a dog not to leave your property without permission, is also included! By the end of training, your dog will not only respond to verbal prompts but will begin recognizing hand signals as well. While not always the case, minor problem issues are also often resolved during the learning of basic obedience. 


Once the basics are taught, we’ve found that dog owners find such enjoyment in a well-trained dog they often want to take it to the next level! In addition to adding new commands such as moving sits, moving downs, recalls, etc. and fine tuning to their existing command vocabulary, advanced dogs are working off-leash with hand and/or voice signals by the completion of the advanced course.

In addition to the multiple benefits that come along with increased command knowledge, advanced training also serves to increase the bond between dog and owner. Advanced training is recommended for those who want to continue building the relationship they have with their dog, want increased handling ability and command knowledge for a family pet, or as a foundation for specialty training whether sport, service or show.

Basic and advanced obedience can be taught through private or semi-private lessons, in-kennel or focused training; it’s all about finding a plan (or combination of plans) that meets your lifestyle and budget. Click here to learn more about our training plan options.

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