Aggression and Problem Solving

Recently a non-RDT-trainer was called to a home to evaluate a large Akita whose owner was reporting serious aggression issues. After the trainer failed to gain entry into the home, the owner was referred to Tim Welch, founder of RDT as the best aggressive dog specialist in Southern California. Upon approaching the home for the initial evaluation, the dog who had been tied to railing in the front yard, broke free and barreled down on Tim, attacking him and another trainer before they gained control. Immediately taking the dog for In-Kennel training, Tim was able to identify and address the root of the dog’s aggression. Today, the dog is back at home as a functioning and happy member of the family, allowing visitors to enter and being taken on walks through the community.

Whether your problem is this extreme or you’re dealing with smaller issues such as lunging after bicycles, jumping up on children or demonstrating nervousness around the elderly or people of unfamiliar races, you’ve come to the right place! 

Following are a few of the most significant aggression and problem behaviors dogs demonstrate that are addressed by Redefined Dog Training. Even if you don’t see your issue on this list, we can still help you!

    Problem Solving

  • Aggression toward people
  • Animal aggression
  • Barking
  • Chewing and property destruction
  • Housebreaking
  • Motion hype
  • Nervous tendencies
  • Running away

Often these issues stem from a lack of confidence or security and can be addressed through behavior modification and general obedience training; however, you have to be able to address the problem before you can correct it! This is where you will see the difference in Redefined Dog Training: we will find the root of the aggression or problem behavior in order to effectively address it. Training thousands of dogs have given us a very unique insight and perspective that book-learned trainers and less experienced trainers just don’t have!



We understand, especially in this economy, dog owners are hesitant to seek the help they need for fear of the cost of quality training. We will work with you to create a training plan that will effectively address your dog’s aggression or problem behaviors while staying within a budget you can afford. Our goal is for every dog to be a well-adjusted member of very happy homes and we don’t want finances to stop you from getting the help you need! 

Depending on the level of problem you are confronted with, you must also take into account the costs associated with not getting appropriate training:  whether it’s from veterinarian bills for the dog yours bit, association fees for noise nuisances or a torn-up designer couch. 

Did you find a cheaper trainer? Be cautious. Inexperienced trainers are often able to teach mild-mannered dogs basic obedience, but may misrepresent their skills and knowledge and compound the issue when attempting problem solving beyond their scope of ability. You’ll probably end up coming back to Redefined Dog Training but with even more problems to solve!

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