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Our most popular mode of training – consist of six (6) 45-60 minute sessions (times vary depending on the dog’s drive to work or the type of training being conducted) and take place at your home or preferred training location. During these sessions owners are taught how to train their dog; it’s the old adage that it’s 10% training the dog and 90% training the owner! Whenever possible, private lessons are recommended as it requires a greater commitment from the owners to spend time working with the dogs and helps build the bond between owner and dog.

With private lessons you’ll cover obedience commands as well as address any basic problem solving issues you may be having. As long as you follow-through on your commitment to work with your dog daily, you’ll be pleasantly amazed at what a difference six short weeks can make!

We understand some people simply can’t find another minute in their day and for those with busy lifestyles we do offer focused or in-kennel training.

When can you start?

With new puppies we recommend beginning training at 10 weeks of age.  By this time the puppy is able to begin learning the basic commands. The earlier you learn the proper techniques to training your dog the better! By starting right away you have the potential to circumvent many of the destructive or nuisance behaviors that can come with not training your dog. And when your puppy does try to get away with something sneaky you’ll know the best way to correct your dog! For the record, chasing your dog around the house with a rolled-up newspaper for wetting the carpet is not the most effective approach to housebreaking!

If your dog is a little older, whether it’s been a family pet from the start or you’ve just adopted it from a local shelter, it’s never too soon to start training. In fact, we recommend you make it a top priority. The sooner you begin working with a trainer and they can get to know your dog, the better prepared they will be to provide guidance on any issues that may arise. Plus, starting right off with training will help your dog bond faster with you and help it develop confidence in its new surroundings.

What about single sessions?

Redefined Dog Training does not offer single sessions for one very important reason: they typically are not effective! Whether you’re seeking obedience training or wanting to address a particular issue, there is a process that must be respected for a new behavior to be instilled in a dog. Sure, we could take your money and train your dog for a session, but in the end you won’t be happy and the dog won’t be much the better off for it… and we’re in the business of successfully training dogs and making happy clients!



Semi-private training is the same as private training but conducted in groups of no more than four dogs. These small groups are focused exclusively on teaching obedience and do not typically have the opportunity to address individual problem solving.

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