Focused and 20-20 Training

Whether you are dealing with serious behavior issues or you prefer to have an RDT trainer work one-on-one with your dog to teach it obedience and address problem solving issues, our Focused and 20-20 Training Programs offer dog owners two great options!

(Formerly known as “In-Kennel Training”)

  • Your dog comes to us for focused, intensive training
  • During Focused Training dogs reside at the home of a Redefined Dog Trainer, not in a kennel environment
  • Typically ranges from three to four weeks, or longer if addressing serious behavior issues
  • Covers the same commands and control as highlighted in basic or advanced obedience, as well as any problem behaviors identified by the owner or RDT trainers
  • Provides extensive socialization opportunities with the trainers’ dogs and other dogs-in-training
  • Includes three “transfer sessions” with the owner to transfer the knowledge and training to the owner
  • Pick-up and drop-off is included at no extra charge
  • Provide your own dog food

Find a trainer who can do it in two weeks instead of three or four? The answer is in the question: half the time equals half the training! Teaching your dog the basic commands can often be accomplished in Week 1. In Week 2, commands are being ingrained in the dog and it is learning to clearly understand and respond consistently. Seems like a perfect time to go home, right? Generally, around the beginning of Week 3 the dog will begin to challenge what its learned and see how far the limits can be pushed. While other trainers are sending the dog home at this pivotal point, Redefined Dog Training chooses to see the dog through this rebellion phase, delivering a reliable dog that has completed the full training process.


  • All the benefits of Focused Training, but the dog remains in your home through the course of training.
  • Over a three-four week period, trainers come to your home for a minimum of 20, 20-minute training sessions.
  • Focused training is typically only recommended for the owner whose lifestyle makes a daily training commitment difficult*, but can’t stand to part with their beloved family member.
  • Also includes three 45-minute transfer sessions.
  • While 20-20 Training does not allow for the same consistency of Focused Training, it is a good compromise between private lessons and Focused Training.

*Regardless of the method used, there is a certain amount of participation required of the owner.

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