This is a video of a dog trained for property protection. Hunter is not permitted to bite at pedestrians passing by, but is permitted to protect the car once someone reaches in with the intent of unlocking the door, grabbing for keys or a purse! Contrary to what it appears, this is not a video demonstrating the group’s ability to teach a dog positions. Rather, if you watch his tail you’ll see Avatar loves doing his “work” thanks to Redefined’s ability to tap into his natural drive.
This is Avatar demonstrating property protection during a French Ring trial in France. Avatar is only permitted to “protect” the basket when the decoy comes within one meter, once distance is re-established the dog must return to his “post”. This behavior is transferable to protecting children, briefcases or whatever is most valuable to you! When Chazz, the black and white Pit, came to Tim, he had a severe anxiety of other large dogs. Chazz’s fear caused him to react with defensive attacks when he felt threatened. Thanks to Redefined, he’s increased his confidence, learned to manage his anxiety and is now really enjoying his social time!

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