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The day Tim took his first steps, he was handed a leash with a puppy on the other end. At the age of 13, following six generations of dog trainers before him, he began his professional career by running a public obedience class. A few years later, he began focusing on more difficult behavioral challenges faced by pet owners throughout Orange County and Los Angeles. Since that time, Tim has not ceased honing the skills, technique and psychology necessary to train all types of dogs. 

In addition to critical knowledge gained through thousands of hours of experience, Tim has studied under numerous master trainers. In more than 20 years of training Tim has worked with practically every breed and addressed every type of behavioral Trainer Tim Photosissue including digging, barking, biting, jumping and runaways, to name a few. He has trained search and rescue dogs, service/companion dogs for people with a wide variety of disabilities or health concerns, trained AKC, Schutzhund and Ringsport dogs. 

While Tim enjoys helping every dog become a positive member of the family, his passion lies in working with dogs who are exhibiting signs of aggression, motion hype or nervous tendencies. By applying individualized behavior modification techniques, Tim has a proven track record of turning volatile dogs into quality pets. Because of his reputation, Tim is often called to deal with serious aggression issues as far south as San Diego and he is frequently called in by other trainers when the job is too large.

In 1995 Tim founded Redefined Dog Training to offer the highest quality of dog training to Southern California residents. In 2006 Tim co-founded Extreme Ring Dogs, a sanctioned club of the North American Ring Association (NARA). Over the years Tim has titled and help Trainer Tim Photostitle countless dogs in AKC, Schutzund, Mongo and French Ring. Today, Tim is the owner of Ginger, a female Dutch Shepherd and Avatar, a male Beauceron who currently holds the top French Ring title in the world for his breed. Visitors to the Welch home are often also greated by dogs being rehabilitated by Tim for a local rescue organization.

Tim is a Full Member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers. The APDT is dedicated to building better trainers through education, promoting dog-friendly methods and encouraging their use. APDT logo

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