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Roxanne 1Roxann’s love for animals began early, spending summers on her Aunt and Uncle’s farm with their horses and many farm dogs. As a teen she traveled the horse show circuit grooming for a hunter jumper trainer, American Saddle Bred shows, as well as grooming at a race horse auction. Although she did not own her own horse, the variety of horses she worked with provided extensive opportunities to learn about animal behavior from a wide array of subjects. She continued her education and received the Horse Master Certificate at the Potomac Horse Center, which was followed by work at the American School of Dressage in Maine. Returning home to Southern California she became an assistant instructor for the Horse Care and Stable Management working with high school and adult students.

Her experience with horses – as well as her skills as an instructor – proved to be a solid foundation and she was able to effectively transition her knowledge and natural abilities into training dogs. Early on, Roxann recognized the key to a dog’s success is in the training the owners receive during the process. For more than two decades, she has been helping family Roxanneand friends with basic obedience training. In addition to basic obedience training, Roxanne has successfully trained and qualified therapy dogs and enjoys her volunteer work with BARK (Beach Animals Reading with Kids) where the dogs provide a captivated audience for children learning to read. Also a volunteer with Independent Lab Rescue, Roxann has evaluated the suitability of dogs for rescue and adoption. Recognizing that many of the dogs being adopted struggled with fear, anxiety and were under-socialized, Roxann now provides training for the adopted dogs and their new owners.

Committed to always expanding her skills and techniques, over the past decade Roxann has sought out the best professional trainers to work with and has spent the past two years working with Tim Welch at Refined Dog Training. She finds that Tim’s practical approach to dog training is not only highly successful but compliments her own philosophy and style. Roxann finds great satisfaction helping families develop happy, adjusted, well-trained pets.

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