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Dyan WallenDyan received her education from Cal Poly Pomoma in the Pre-Vet department and has also studied Caninology (the study of dogs). As a Pet Nanny for the past seven years, Dyan’s experience has been invaluable as she has learned to relate with all clients regarding their dogs and has received endorsement from her local veterinarian.

Taking her passion for the well-being of dogs to the next level, Dyan began working with the Redefined Dog Training in 2008. Having worked with and studied under Tim Welch for the past three years, Dyan has become a more proficient trainer which has, in turn, provided her a greater relationship with the dogs in her care.

In addition to training dogs of all breeds, Dyan lends her communication and organizational talents as Redefined Dog Trainings Office Manager: answering your calls and establishing and maintaining positive client/trainer relationships. Whether you’re calling to schedule training or check on the status of your kenneled pup, it’s Dyan that you can look to to ensure you’re kept up-to-date on the progress of your in-kennel dogs.

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