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Dean PorterfieldLike Tim Welch, Founder of Redefined Dog Training, Dean Porterfield has been training dogs since a very young age. Only 10 years old when he first began working with Tim, Dean developed an immediate love of training dogs.

In 2000 Dean received Darla, a female German shepherd, and shortly after began training her in French Ring Sport, dog sport involving jumps, obedience, and bite work. At the age of 11, Dean competed in his first trial and became one of the youngest handlers in NARA (North American Ring Association) history. Three years later, Dean tried for French Ring sport Level 1 Decoy Selection and although he received a passing score, was not able to officially claim the title due to age regulations. In 2011 Dean competed at the Extreme Ring Dogs decoy selection and passed with the honor of Judge’s Choice for overall performance.

At the age of 15 Dean became a Decoy for Extreme Ring Dogs. Dean has competed with Blitz, his Belgian Malinois, and received first place in the Brevet with a score of 98.6; he was only 16. He also received first place with Blitz for Ring 1 with a score of 189.8

Continuing to expand his knowledge and training, Dean has worked with trainers from around the world and has traveled out of state to work and train dogs. In addition to working with all breeds on standard obedience and problem solving, Dean has trained in Ring Sport, Schutzhund, Mondio Ring, PSA and AKC Rally sport.

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