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About Us PicsRedefined Dog Training is a full-service training group that has been providing the highest caliber of dog training to clients in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire for over 20 years! Having studied under master trainers in the United States and abroad in France, Germany and Belgium, the group’s many years of experience combined with proven training methods sets them apart from the rest.

RDT LogoWith an unparalleled level of experience and success, Tim Welch and his team provide a full spectrum of services to meet your individual dog-training needs. Whatever your need: from basic to advanced obedience instruction for your new family puppy, a protection dog for your business, to problem solving or dealing with an aggressive dog, Redefined Dog Training can help you! The trainers are fully qualified to teach all levels of training and are also well-versed in animal psychology and nutrition.

Redefined Dog Training’s combined experience spans all levels of pet obedience, problem solving, AKC, Schutzhund, personal protection, ring sport, tracking, search work, military and police work, service and therapy dogs, puppy evaluation and breeder consulting. In addition to staying busy with business received significantly through referrals, Founding Trainer Tim Welch has become the Southern California “go-to expert” other trainers seek out when dealing with severe aggression issues.

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